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Mother The Job - All Day Movie

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How do we value human time?

All Day is a 17 minute b/w film of mother’s hands at task seen in over three hundred varied
1-3 second images, streaming together in a continuous myriad of gestures and sounds we all call “mothering.”  But the true depth of this film is revealed in the narrative voices of children as they relate some of the alarming economic statistics of families in the U.S., compelling statements, and a short-list of familial policies our competing nations have long adopted.   In this era of full-time working parents and single full-time working mothers struggling to balance “being there” for kids in the U.S., this is the visual aid for our policy makers as well as each registered voter. Jam-packed, but with thoughtful pacing and an eclectic sound bed, this film requires rapid gearshifts in one’s emotions and inspires rapid gearshifts in one’s common sense. 

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