“An Exhibit Within An Exhibit”  Part of what we have created from the collective of the exhibit, are “message products,” whereby companies, organizations and online communities alike can request installation of multiple pieces of the exhibit as a way to validate the message of their specific event/conference/web site such as:

- Company Seminars/Conferences focusing on policies balancing family and work in the workplace

- Political Gatherings promoting the current issues of affordable health care, preschools and related issues

- Online Communities integrating art and video

- Academic/ Research Communities focusing on women’s history, familial economics, the value of human time/domestic labor, human capabilities, and gender issues.

- Art and Performance Festivals celebrating mothers and families in a creative voice

Highlights of the exhibit follow
For a more complete description of these items, see the Multi-Media Exhibit Page

Front Entry Area:  Has a large blow up (5 ft x 6 ft.) of a black and white photo entitled “Mother” by photographer Lee Nye

Three of the ten Virtue Boxes made of
reworked paper and dryer lint sheets.

“The Laundry Monster”, is dinosaur-like in design and scale (10X24 ft.), and is made solely out of laundry related items such as parts of a washer/dryer, lint, clothing and of course, detergent containers.

Tools of the Trade - Shadow box with domestic artifacts: a child's tooth,
a lock of hair, a baby spoon.

All Day is a 17 minute b/w film of mother’s hands seen in over three hundred varied 1-3 second images, streaming together in a continuous myriad of gestures and sounds we all call “mothering.”

Take A Good, Long Look


For more information on how you can get involved with Mother: The Job, please contact: Alexia Nye Jackson at alexia@motherthejob.org

MOTHER: THE JOB is proud to support mommuseum.org

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